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Couple’s Trip Delayed as Airline Sends Them on Wrong Flight

American couple, Sandy Valdivieso and Triet Vo, had booked themselves a holiday to Dakar, Senegal in Africa... or so they thought. A flight mix-up meant they ended up on a flight heading 7,000 miles away from their original destination in another continent.

Their trip was scheduled to depart from Los Angeles, USA to Dakar in Senagal. The trip was going smoothly until they reached their stopover in Istanbul, boarded the plane and realized something was terribly wrong.....

Upon checking the inboard flight map, it confirmed that the plane was flying over the Middle East and heading to Dhaka, Bangladesh - 7,000 miles away from their African holiday in Dakar.

"We thought that everything was correct as well as the flight number on our tickets, we didn't realize the code was wrong!" Says Valdivieso.

When the couple eventually arrived at Dhaka, Bangledesh, it took nine hours before the airline could confirm that the error was due to an airline employee entering the incorrect code on to their tickets. The correct code should have been Dakar DKA instead of Dhaka DAC. The airline re-booked the couple on to the next flight back to Bangladesh to continue their journey.

Their total trip:

The couple was not charged for their return flight to Bangladesh; however their luggage arrived a further two days later after they arrived.

Four months since the incident, the couple has received an apology from the airline and compensation - two free Economy class tickets to a destination of their choice within the airline's network.

As a result, this flight error not only meant they were without their luggage for two days but would have potentially affected other aspects such as hotel, car hire, or booked activities. It is important to remember to always invest in an adequate level of travel insurance to cover you in the event of the unexpected.

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