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Could a Year Out in the World Boost Your Career?

The current economic climate along with the shortage of jobs, has made many people re-examine their CV. Graduates especially are all too aware that many people are competing for every career available, and so they want their CV to stand out above the rest.

Every employer is looking for mature and experienced workers, but because of the high volumes of applications many people don't even get an interview. How can you express your enthusiasm, experience, personality and skills just through your CV?

You could take an expensive course, go back to University for an even dearer Masters Degree.... or you could take a year out.

This may seem like an extreme option, but most people dream of travelling the world, and it could potentially land you your dream job. Employers are impressed by people who;

The most important part of planning a gap year is to invest in adequate travel insurance. Alpha's Longstay Travel Insurance is designed for people who want to take an extended trip of up to 18 months. The Alpha Travel Insurance Longstay policy offers protection, support and advice, as well as two trips home and cover for working holidays.

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