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IT Manager Attempts to Cross Atlantic Using Cluster Balloons and a Lifeboat

If you've ever watched Disney's 'Up' and thought how cool it would be to have your own flying house of balloons, this might be right up your street! IT Manager Jonathan Trappe, 39, set off to begin his own 'wilderness explorer' adventure in the world's first attempt to cross the Atlantic... using 370 colourful helium balloons attached to a lifeboat!

The 2,500 mile long journey began in USA's Caribou in Maine last Thursday, with the hopes of successfully reaching Europe within a matter of days. Instead of travelling in a basket he chose the sensible option of a lifeboat, simply because he could land anywhere (on land or sea) from Morocco to Iceland. To steer the aircraft, popping balloons or dropping ballast are the only two options to steer the aircraft and the oceanic winds were able to change his direction at any moment.

Unfortunately, the journey was unsuccessful as a technical issue meant that the trip was cut short just 12 hours and 350 miles in to the trip. He landed in Newfoundland in Canada.

If you fancy seeing the world from above (but safer!) why not try out a hot air balloon experience? Imagine the feeling of seeing the sights from above whilst watching the sunrise over the ocean. Hot air ballooning, especially abroad, is a fantastic activity and will certainly be the 'cherry on top' of your trip. Alpha Travel Insurance provides cover for hot air ballooning as standard in our Single, Multi and Longstay policies.... So you've got even more reason to live life to the full!

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