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Can Wintersports Tourism Turn Green?

When we say green, we obviously don't mean all the snow melting to reveal the grass underneath...we're talking Sustainability here people!


Large scale tourist development began in the Alps in the 1950’s, and has since boomed – the effects are even greater.

The Wintersports tourism industry now monopolises around 300 sites, covering 3400km2 with over 10,000 transportation facilities catering to the demand. Over 120 million tourists visit the Alps each year, providing a massive source of revenue; it is unlikely that local businesses are going to want to give this up. On the not-so-pretty or exciting side however, the ski industry is having huge effects on the natural environment, e.g. developments of ski runs and surrounding resorts permanently damage the environment via habitat loss and fragmentation (deforestation), and also via the large amounts of pollution that comes along for the ride too. Plants, animals, birds and the environment itself are seriously suffering *insert sad face here*.

Fear not! We can unite and battle this great evil…through a few little sustainably-conscious practises and raising some awareness here and there, these effects can be stopped in their tracks and tourism can be used to do good (woop).

There we have it – the starter pack to becoming more green when you’re on the slopes! It’s really that simple.

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