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Brussels is the First to Ban Phone Roaming Charges

Over the years the old fashioned method of sending a postcard whilst on holiday has been replaced with modern technology. Mobile phones are now considered a key holiday essential to let relatives back home know that you've arrived safely and are having a great time. However the cost of using your phone whilst abroad can cause your bill to skyrocket for simply updating your Facebook status or sending a quick text message - not a great holiday memento!

There is some good news on the horizon for those who are travelling to Europe in the near future, as Members of the European Parliament today voted to ban all mobile roaming charges. From 2017 if you are on holiday within the EU, all phone calls, data and text messages must cost the same as UK domestic bills (as if they were using their phone back home in the UK).

The move, in a bid to majorly boost tourism, is expected to save the average holidaymaker £61 on their mobile phone bill each year. From April 2016, the surcharges for making a phone call whilst abroad will be capped at 3p per minute, text messages 4p, and data capped at 3p per megabyte. Mobile phone provider, Three, has already made the first step of banishing mobile roaming charges for customers and the remaining providers will be following suit when the new law is introduced.

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