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Brits Wear Flip-Flops Home to the Rainy UK

A study, conducted by found that in a survey of over 2,000 British adults who had been on a sunshine break in the past 12 months, over 67% of them said they had been dressed inappropriately for the weather, wearing clothes suitable for their holiday location rather than the current UK weather.

Despite Britain having a consistently grey and miserably overcast skyline, a reputation for being one of the wettest places on Earth, and home to the world's first umbrella shop, it has been revealed that a significant majority of British holidaymakers return from their travels abroad still in holiday clothes, including flip flops.

When asked by the survey, "œWhen your return flight home landed in the UK after your hot holiday abroad, was it raining?" two fifths of respondents replied, 'yes'.

Two thirds of British holidaymakers are greeted by rain when they land back on UK shores after a holiday in the sun abroad, the survey revealed. The 65% of participants who had landed back to miserable weather added that this was despite the fact that they had returned home to the UK during the summer months of either June, July or August.

More than half of the people who arrived back to rain said they were wearing either flip flops or sandals, whilst a further 39 per cent admitted to having either shorts, a dress or a skirt on when they landed.

Chris Clarkson, the managing director of said, "œWhen you've just started to get acclimatised to the scorching heat abroad, there's nothing worse than landing back in the UK to single figure temperatures and rain, rain and more rain."

"œIt's always best to expect the worst when dressing for a flight home to the UK, meaning closed-toe footwear and at least a light jacket in your hand luggage. It's not a nice thought, but no one can ever truly rely on the British weather - even in summer!" he added.

The survey also revealed that passengers and holidaymakers landing in airports in Manchester or Glasgow are more likely than anywhere else in the UK to face stormy skies when they fly back from a warm trip overseas.

A solid 43% of the UK population believe that it takes on average, a full seven days in order to readjust to the British climate after being away on a sunshine-filled holiday. Whilst we might not always have the best weather to come home to, it's a fair point to say that although arriving on UK ground might seem like the best opportunity to show off a tan before it fades, being inappropriately dressed for the cold and wet could lead to you having the post-holiday blues far quicker than you thought.

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