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British Airways Becomes First Airline to Change in-Flight Rules

British Airways has become the first UK airline to relax its rules regarding passengers using electronic devices throughout the duration of their flight. Once the plane reaches a height of 10,000 feet, passengers will be notified that they will now be allowed to use their electronic devices.

The original restrictions of not using these items during take-off and landing will remain unchanged, as the airline believes there could potentially be problems concerning health and safety. This is due to the notion that passengers could be easily distracted in favour of their devices, from things such as fastening their seat belts and acknowledging other important in-flight information.

The well-being and safety of all passengers will remain the airline's number one priority.

Long gone are the days where everything had to be switched off during the flight for fear that they would interfere with the aviation equipment. However due to recent advances in technology and equipment, both in flight and everyday electronic devices, the risk of interference is now limited and in most cases non-existent. This was put forward to US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) who later confirmed and agreed that it was time to reassess the in-flight rules.

This new rule is now applicable to all British Airways flights as of 1st July 2013.

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