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Blogger Thrown Off Plane For Taking Photograph of Seat

A travel blogger was recently removed from his flight to Istanbul after taking a photo of the airline's new first class seats, despite being a loyal customer logging over 950,000 air miles.

Matthew, 26, decided to take a photograph of the new seats to write about in his next article, until he was asked to cease taking further pictures by one of the aircraft's flight attendants.

Matthew obeyed the crew member's request but decided that he wanted the flight attendant to understand the reason behind his unusual photographic subject matter, and so called her over. He told her that he was a legitimate travel blogger and even offered her a business card. However, the big mistake came when he went on to state that he wasn't a 'terrorist' and hoped the flight attendant didn't think this was the cause for taking the photo.

Minutes later, Matthew was told to leave his seat and escorted to speak with the pilot and subsequently asked to leave the plane. The reason was not because he used the word 'terrorist' but because he allegedly continued to take photographs after his first warning; however, assures that he refrained from taking any further images.

Matthew ended up missing his connection flight to Istanbul and believes that flight attendant was untruthful to the pilot about the situation.

Generally, airlines will not remove you from the aircraft unless there is a valid health or security risk to you or other passengers and staff. If you are unsure, it is always recommended to check with your airline provider before travelling.

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