A Guide to Avoiding Wintersports Injuries [Infographic]

With thousands of people hitting the slopes each year, combined with a staggering 135,000 reported medical injuries it is essential to know your limits.

Taking part in sports or excercising in a cold climate places extra strain on the body and increases the risk of having an accident or injury. Although you may be aware of injuries such as whiplash, knee injury, compression, and skier’s thumb (it’s more serious than it sounds!) do you know how to prevent them?

Check out our guide to Wintersports injuries in our infographic below:

draft 06 A Guide to Avoiding Wintersports Injuries [Infographic]

 A Guide to help you with ‘Avoiding Wintersports Injuries’ – An infographic by the team at Alpha Travel Insurance


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9 Responses to A Guide to Avoiding Wintersports Injuries [Infographic]

  1. Anna Giles says:

    Shared this to Twitter, great info! Really love the design. :)

  2. Melissa Franklin says:

    Never released skier’s thumb was such a serious injury! Very insightful with some great points. :-)

  3. Addie says:

    LOVE THIS! : D

  4. Ben Murston says:

    Ahh I wish I’d seen this before my trip to Austria! Ended up with an ankle injury and had to spend the rest of my holiday resting. Really hope this helps to inform others though!

  5. Tiffany Howard says:

    I am going on holiday soon to France to ski, will have to remember to let go of the skiing poles if I fall! :-) Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Katie says:

    Wow this is fab! Very informative :-D Love the colours and design, will have to show this to my friends as they love skiing and snowboarding!

  7. James Sabo says:

    Very interesting info! Perfect, just what I was searching for!

  8. Chris says:

    Very interesting subject, regards for putting up.

  9. Alex Residences says:

    I think you have noted some very interesting points, thanks for the post.

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