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Bizarre Ways Airline Passengers Avoided Baggage Costs in 2015

Getting through the baggage and security checks at the airport is by all means, no mean feat! It's all-too-easy to pack umpteen jumpers or that extra pair of boots (you know, just in case!) and go slightly over the airline luggage weight restrictions.This can lead to an unwelcome additional charge at the airport for the privilege -we certainly don't believe that's the best way to start a holiday! A recent report by an airline at London's Gatwick Airport has revealed the top 10 hilarious and bizarre ways that customers have tried to 'cheat' the system in 2015 and board the aircraft with more luggage than they should be allowed. Read on to find out more!

Packing too much in the suitcase

The European budget carrier, Norwegian Air, conducted a survey at London's Gatwick Airport to find out the strangest ways that their customers have done to try and bypass the costs and obtain extra luggage allowance.  Some of the random reasons include asking for leniency when carrying an urn full of pet's ashes, wearing two pairs of jeans as a fetching denim scarf, alongside trying to bribe gate staff with the finest chocolates that duty free had to offer!

Language barriers

The survey also revealed that certain passengers would refuse to speak English and claim that they were foreign (despite having a British passport!), others would claim that they were carrying fragile antiques; one person decided to completely abandon their belongings straight away by donating their entire suitcase to charity rather than paying the fine, and another even tried to wear two suits at the same time - absolutely crazy!

Layering up the clothing

If you've ever spotted someone sitting on the airport floor with an open suitcase, desperately trying to layer up all their items of clothing, you won't be surprised to hear this one! A determined traveller proceeded to put on an extra THREE pairs of trousers, stuffed a pair of shoes in to their jacket pockets, put on TWO winter coats and then tied three jumpers around their waist - now THAT is impressive (and we reckon also very, very warm!)

The top 10 list of reasons airline passengers avoided paying the baggage fines

  1. A passenger wore three pairs of trousers and crammed a pair of shoes in to the jacket pockets.
  2. The airline passenger abandoned their bag and decided to give it to charity rather than pay the fine.
  3. A beloved pet's ashes were carried in one person's handbag and they wanted leniency from airline gate staff.
  4. Staff at the gate were bribed by one customer with chocolates purchased from duty free that had already been opened.
  5. A passenger refused to co-operate by repeating "œme no speak any English."
  6. A 'double denim' scarf was creating using two pairs of jeans.
  7. One traveller claimed that their bag contained expensive and fragile antique pottery.
  8. Two layers of suits were worn by one evading passenger.
  9. One man insisted that he had no money left on his credit card to pay the fine, claiming that it was already maxed out.
  10. Another passenger wore two winter coats and proceeded to tie three chunky woollen jumpers around their waist.

Top travel tips and baggage advice

Stuart Buss, Head of Communications for Norwegian Air, said: "œBetween Christmas and New Year marks a busy year for Norwegian in the UK. We've gathered this research to put a lighter touch on an area that affects all airlines. Baggage issues can cause delays so it's in our interest to make sure all bags are loaded quickly so that passengers can get away on time and enjoy their flight."

If travelling with large items of baggage over the festive season it is essential to get clued up with our travel tips and advice below!

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