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What does Backpacker Travel Insurance actually cover you for?

When looking through insurance policies, things can get confusing pretty quickly; especially with all the different rates of cover, premiums, policy wordings, limits, excesses (what’s an excess?!)…you get the gist.

Here at Alpha we believe in the simple life, so all of our levels of cover and wordings are the same for each policy, the only thing that changes is the premium depending on which excess you choose; all of our Longstay/Backpacker policies are aptly named after the excesses they come with, e.g. AlphaZero has zero excess, Alpha50 has £50, etc etc. The excess is the amount you contribute when making a claim, so you have full control over this when choosing your policy.

Ok, policy options sorted. What’s included in the Alpha Backpacking Insurance policies?

We cover for up to £2,000 cancellation

Quite simply, if you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances, medical emergency, if your departure is delayed by 24 hours or more, and other various reasons (listed in the policy wordings here), then we will contribute up to £2,000 compensation for this. This also covers you if you have to cut your trip short and return home early due to certain circumstances too. Please be aware that connecting flights once already out of the UK are not covered under this and if there are problems with your connecting journeys, you need to get in touch with your tour operators or airline.

We will pay up to £10 million for emergency medical attention

This is standard across all our policies as we believe your health and safety is important above all else. Accidents happen, and so do illnesses, so wherever you are in the world, we have our 24/7 emergency medical assistance team just a phone call or email or live chat away! They’ll be able to talk you through every step of the way and direct you to the nearest public health facility. It’s important to contact our emergency team, as they have contacts all around the world that can come and help you with the hospitals and clinics – you don’t want to get stuck in a private facility where they’ve taken your passport and demanding money in a language you don’t understand! Easiest thing to do really is be careful and try not to get yourself into hospital in the first place…

Up to £1,500 for lost, damaged or stolen possessions

We’ve all had that dread of an airline losing our luggage or thieves preying on foreign tourists, especially if you’ve meticulously packed for your 24 month backpacking holiday adventure. If you’re unfortunate enough for any of the above to happen, then we will pay out up to £1,500 to replace the items lost. Please note, there are other limits within this for the maximum you’re able to claim per item or item type, i.e. if your passport disappears into thin air, we’ll help you out with a max. of £250 for emergency travel documents. If you lose your glasses, then we cover up to £100. If you lose your phone or any other gadgets, then you’d have better added the ‘gadget add-on’ to your policies as they’re not covered under personal possessions! The gadget add-on protects your phones, tablets and cameras up to £1000 per person, a pretty handy thing to have.

What activities will you been doing when backpacking?

All of our Alpha Backpacker Travel Insurance policies come complete with our activity pack 1 free of charge. This includes things like: Bungee jumping, Animal Sanctuary work, Banana boating, Gorilla trekking and Scuba diving up to 30m. Need more? Not a problem, there are another 3 activity packs you can add on to your policy to make sure you’re covered for whatever you want to get up to. View the packs here.

Optional travel insurance extensions

In addition to the handy policy add-ons we have, (gadget, force majeure), you have the ability to shape your backpacking insurance policy throughout the duration. Plans change, we get it, so if you decide to stay longer than anticipated, we’re happy to extend your policy; couple of conditions: the total policy can’t exceed the maximum of 24 months, and you have to let us know you want to extend before your existing policy expires! You can also add activity packs on throughout as long as you pay the appropriate premium for these.

How to compare backpacker travel insurance policies?

So there we have it, a quick, albeit detailed summary of what you’re covered for with our Backpacker Travel Insurance policies (if we do say so ourselves). For the full low-down, head to our policy wordings page to view the ins and outs of our longstay/backpacking policies.

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