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Backpacker Gets Bucket List Tattoo

Many avid backpackers and travel enthusiasts like to document their adventures through blogs and social media. It's a great way to show your friends and family what you're getting up to as well as letting them know how much fun you are having. Although for one backpacker this simply wasn't enough!

Already a keen travel blogger, Bill Passman decided that he wanted his love of travel to be with him wherever he went... literally!

In 2010, Passman was enjoying a quiet drink at a bar located in Ultila, Hoduras, when he spotted a girl with a large world map tattoo. Her plans for the ink on her skin were to simply mark a red dot upon the places she had visited as she travelled across the globe, similar to checking off items on a bucket list. Excited by the idea, Passman decided he wanted to also have a world map tattoo on his back and colour in countries as he visits them.

Passman has visited over 80 countries since getting his tattoo, but states his favourite travel memory was hiking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal for 18 days. Future tattoo plans include a compass and his favourite travel quote, although he is still undecided about which one to choose!

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