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Are Family Holidays Stressful?

Family holidays are the perfect chance to spend quality time with the ones you love. Although the initial reaction contains a wealth of excitement (especially the kids), once you leave the house to embark on your trip this can quickly fade as the stress starts to kick in - Entertaining restless children throughout the entire duration is the last thing you want to be doing as they continually ask "œare we nearly there yet?"

Rest assured you are not alone, as a recent study by Milton has revealed that many families have faced problems whilst abroad, with 6% of parents deciding to return home early due to stress. Other parents decide not to take a chance on a family holiday, due to worries about the practicalities of travelling with babies and younger children.

With regards to hotel services, a whopping 73% said that they would not use a babysitter in order to go out and enjoy a child-free evening. One out of ten would use a cré¨che, but out of that one, 30% of parents would feel guilty about enjoying their time away from the children.

Holidays that require flying over multiple time zones can wreak havoc with not just your own body clock, but your child's. From the study, 38% of parents tried to stick to their children's normal bedtime routine and sticking to the same meal times. Although despite their efforts, parents were made aware of complaints from other holidaymakers regarding their child's behavior or crying whilst on holiday.

On the other hand, more than 80% of individuals surveyed felt that once becoming a parent, it was more difficult to find the time and save up to take a well-earned rest. They explained that they had not had a holiday on their own since having children, whereas 62% of those surveyed only managed to get away on their own once.

Tips for the perfect family holiday

At Alpha Travel Insurance, we understand that everyone needs a break sometimes. That's why we've created a range of family travel insurance products to suit all types of trip at an affordable price. All kids go FREE on our family policies and there are fantastic discounts if you're a single parent. As well as purchasing Alpha travel cover for your next trip, check out our top tips for ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible!

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