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April Fool’s Day Travel Pranks

April Fool's Day - a day of pranking and fooling our friends and family... maybe you tied shoelaces together or swapped the sugar and salt pots round, but have you heard about the Isle of Wight submarine trip or the rollercoaster ride for dogs? Fooled you! Check out our round up of some of this year's best travel pranks below. Enjoy!

Isle of Wight submarine

Head to the Isle of Wight from Southampton this April 1st and travel via Submarine courtesy of Wightlink Ferries. The submarine is called SubLink and offers two viewing points for customers to explore the underwater sealife at their own leisure.

Rollercoasters for dogs

Many of us bring our pets with us on holiday, however now it is possible to bring them with you to a theme park thanks to Thorpe Park. This year they announced that they were removing the height restrictions and allowing dogs to ride on any rollercoaster they wished to. "œWe've tested each ride extensively with our volunteers, and apart from a few nervous barks on Stealth, our guests rated it five woofs out of five."

French Ferrets

As part of a larger campaign launched on April 1st, the channel crossing ferry company My Ferry Link decided that a re-branding was in order and changed their name to My Ferret Link. Any customers who purchased a ticket across the Channel would receive a cuddly ferret toy to celebrate the name change.

MI6 hotel stay

This year, hotel booking website Last Minute announced that they would now be taking bookings for a "œsecret" hotel. The hotel was described as having direct Thames access and customers would have to sign an 'Official Secrets Act' prior to check in because the hotel was so 'hush hush'.

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Were you fooled by any April Fool's Day jokes this year? If you've got any pranks of your own, why not share them with us on our social media pages!

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