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Airport Layover Tips with Children

An airport layover often leads to travellers becoming even more tired, stressed and frustrated than they were at the beginning of their journey, but what happens when you add kids into the equation?

Whether you're looking to save some money on plane tickets or just trying to get off the beaten path on your holiday, layovers can happen and travelling with tired, stressed and frustrated children doesn't make for a particularly happy journey, so what's the secret to surviving long flight layovers in airports with kids?

Follow these Alpha Travel Insurance Tips for surviving a layover with children:


This applies to adults just as much as it does to children. Fill yourself up with delicious food - there's plenty of places to go within airports, just look around. If you're expecting to be there for a long time, why not have two meals? Drag the meals out for as long as possible, keeping the children engaged with what they are eating and keeping them from any low-blood sugar tantrums.


Most airports have now facilitated for the family travellers. There's an abundance of coffee for mum and dad, and now play areas and entertainment zones for younger children. In Singapore Airport, there's even a koi pond, movie theatre, swimming pool and loads of other fun facilities within the family zone.


Either head out of the airport and into the city or just explore the airport. Kids love new places, so instead of rushing your way to the gate and just waiting, let them explore the terminal. You can also use this time to stretch everyone's legs after a long travel period or to tire the little ones out so that they sleep on the plane.


If you have loads of time to try and pass, try and sleep. Whether you're getting the kids to sleep on you, in an airport lounge, on the floor or in an airport hotel - nothing passes time like sleeping. This goes for airport layovers too, so make sure you set an alarm or wake everyone up when your flight is announced as boarding.

There really is nothing better than a family holiday, even if a layover is involved, it can be a huge bonding experience with memories which will last for years after. If none of these special Alpha tips seemed to work, maybe it's time to head to the airport bar! What are some of your best kept layover secrets? How do you keep kids entertained and far from irritable when you're travelling? 

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