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A Very Alpha Halloween

When it comes to celebrating annual occasions in the office such as New Year's, Halloween and Christmas, we really like to go that extra mile! Whether that means decorating the office and dressing up or cooking up a batch of cupcakes, there appears to be no end to the staff's creativity and imagination!

As today is Halloween, each member of the team has dressed up in their scariest outfits, alongside decorating their departments with ghouls, monsters, pumpkins and the biggest amount of fake cobwebs we've ever seen!

Each department was judged for scariest department, best spooky costume and best creepy cupcakes. It was a tough decision to choose a winner as everyone had worked so hard as a team, but the winners can now be revealed!

The Award for the Scariest Department - Brand and Marketing (That's us!)

The Award for the Best Costume - The female skeleton!

The Award for the Best Cakes - Call Centre!

photo 8

Halloween Facts:

We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed the day! If you'd like to take a look at the rest of the photos and see what else we got up to, head over to our Facebook page at! What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Why not let us know in the comments!

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