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50% of Britons Injured By Suitcases Are Most Likely to be Aggressive With Baggage

As with the majority of the British population, we all consider ourselves (as British) to be polite, courteous and slightly over cautious about manners -you only have to read the @VeryBritishProblems twitter feed to know what we mean, with tweets such as 'Doing the awkward half-walk half-run across the pelican crossing and thanking traffic despite you having priority' underlining how awkwardly polite the British are.

These manners don't seem to translate across into real-life situations, however, with many people reporting that Brits on holiday are some of the most rude they've ever come across.

Although a staggering 90% of British holidaymakers consider themselves to be a great, polite representation of Britain whilst they're away, over 75% of people are fed up with dealing with fellow British 'luggage louts'.

A new survey by Rolling Luggage has revealed that luggage louts are the British travellers new pet peeve, with over 40% of Brits suffering from a baggage-related injury within the last year. A 'luggage lout' is defined as someone who 'displays selfish, aggressive and clumsy behaviour when in charge of bags, suitcases or backpacks', and most people interviewed for the survey blamed people's distraction with their mobile phones as the main reason for causing injury unto others.

The research also shows that one in ten holidaymakers say they don't care about other people's manners when they know everyone within a port or airport seem to be in a hurry - especially families and children hurrying through crowds. Families were claimed to be the worst types of tourists to bump into, with 66% of respondents to the survey claiming that they were less likely to be attentive to the personal space of others because they were so involved with each other's needs.

Families were closely followed by the hen and stag parties, favourites to frequent airports before going on a 'lad's' or 'girls' holiday to somewhere sunny. Most people who responded to the survey said that they got easily frustrated by the sheer volume of people who travelled in groups for holidays like this, and the bare velocity of luggage that they carried with them.

However, the research also showed that the bad luggage etiquette isn't something just to affect the UK, with the international hotspots for fellow travellers being inconsiderate whilst with luggage being Spain, France and the US, closely tailed by Germany and Greece. Waseem Malik Khawar, an employee of Rolling Luggage said, "œTravelling with heavy bags and suitcases through busy airports and train stations can be stressful and demanding, but even if you are in a rush it is important to be 'luggage aware' to manage both your own stress levels and those other your fellow travellers."

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